More than just a marketing agency.

A media agency of the future. We build brands whilst building the future. We bring fresh and unique ideas to sectors crying out for creativity. We deliver community initiatives through our Music sector. We Build stronger brands, stronger communities and stronger connections.

We do more than just make websites and take pictures.

Ginger Locus Media Ltd offer much more than just a bit of web design and photography.

Our media services are second to none. We design professional websites, brand and market businesses online, create eye catchy photo and video content. And offer professional facilities you and your business can use to grow your brand. 

Our community music studio offers professional recording facilities and music courses aimed at getting the youth off the streets and out of trouble. Engaging the youth into creative opportunities which we offer for free with our ‘Intune scheme.’ Or for a small fee to the general public.

Media Services

We offer professional media services to help build and support your brand. From web design and branding, graphic design, videography, photography and more.

GreenScreen PhotoBooth

Our green screen photo-booth is renowned nationwide. Our clients and customers love our green screen experience and the set up is available for any event.

Recording Studio

Our lottery funded community recording studio is state of the art. We teach disadvanteged kids how to create, produce and perform music. All free to those who need it most. Available for a small fee to anyone else.

Experience Days

Get the red carper treatment and be a star for a day with ‘Star For a Day.’ Become an ultimate you-tuber with ‘Youtube Legend’. Party like a rockstar with the ‘Music Studio Party Days.’


Web Design.        Graphic Design.          Videography. 
Video Editing.        Branding.        ◈ Commercial Signage & Graphics.
Event/Product Photography.        ◈ Marketing.         Search Engine Optimisation.   
media services manchester
greenscreen hire


Weddings        Conventions.      Equipment Hire.
Corporate events.        Family functions.      Birthdays.  
Video Shoots.      Photo Shoots.          Bah-mitzvah’s. 


Recording Studio Hire.        Studio Tuition.           DJ Tuition.
        Youth Projects.        FREE Studio cCourses.       LyricWriting.
Funded Courses.          FREE Studio Hire.
music studio experience days


Star For A Day.
Youtube Legend.
Music Studio Party Days.


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