More than just a media agency

A media agency of the future. We build brands whilst building the future. We bring fresh and unique ideas to sectors crying out for creativity. We deliver community initiatives through our Music sector. We Build stronger brands, stronger communities and stronger connections.

Modern solutions for your business.

We create modern solutions to help boost business productivity, profits and commercial appeal. Our expert team work closely with you to identify what areas your business needs improvement. We work alongside you and your team to create unique, tailored solutions, such as A.I integration, to help your business grow in the midst of a digital and virtual age.

Our web design and A.I packages differ in price and intricacy to suit all levels of business. From single one page websites to simply have an online presence for your business to full e-commerce solutions.

Unlock the power of AI chatbots with GingerLocus AI. Our innovative solutions are tailored to boost efficiency, streamline operations, and enhance customer engagement for small businesses. With round-the-clock support and customisable features, we’re here to help your business thrive in the digital age.


Join our rapidly growing community of like minded entrepreneurs and social enterprise leaders. Our community loves sharing the knowledge and helping each other.


Creativity is the back bone of any new or existing business. Bringing fresh ideas and executing them is what makes any business or project stand out from the crowd.

24/7 Support

We take support extremely serious. Our support network is unrivalled and we are on the other end of the phone or message for you day or night.


Expertise is what stands us out from the crowd. With over 15 years experience in the business field and over 10 in the media sector we pride ourselves on giving the best advice and expertise, at the perfect time for you.

Services we provide

We other a wide range of services from business growth services, to music studio hire, experience days & community outreach projects. Let’s not forget about our hugely popular GreenScreen Photobooth available for expos, weddings, corporate and more.

Ginger Locus AI provides AI-powered solutions for SMBs, including 24/7 customer support, appointment scheduling, personalised marketing, and data analytics..

For more info on any of the services mentioned below click more to find out more in depth what the service is and how it could benefit you or your business.

Media Services

Graphic Design & Print.        Videography.       

Web Design & Management.

Commercial Signage & Graphics.        Event & Product Photography.

Custom A.I Solutions

 ◈ 24/7 Customer Support      24/7 Automated Appointment Scheduling.

24/7 Automated FAQ Handling.

A.I Data Analytics        Personalised Customer Marketing.

Recording Studio

◈  Studio Hire        Studio Tuition

Music Studio Party Days

VR & Youth Projects        DJ Tuition.

Community Outreach

 ◈ Youth Projects.      FREE use of facilities.

FREE Studio & DJ Tuition.

Community record label        Community projects.

GreenScreen Photobooth

 ◈ Exhibitions & conventions.     Weddings & Occasions.

Corporate Events.

Photo / Video Shoots.        Celebrations (Birthdays / Bah mitzvahs).

Experience Days

◈  Star For A Day Experience Days.        Youtube Legend Experience Days.

VR Experience Days.            Music Studio Party Days.


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